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Be the Miracle!

You are a miracle! You have been created to be the miracle for others! Startling statements.  Those statements are exciting on the days when things have gone right, we have been particularly blessed, and feel confident to share our joy with others. But how… Continue Reading “Be the Miracle!”

Esther’s Choices in Captivity

Esther is in captivity, but she still has choices.   Though she was captured–bodily taken–yet her spirit apparently had not been overtaken. Along with many other young women, Esther is in custody of the keeper of the women.   Verse 9 says she won… Continue Reading “Esther’s Choices in Captivity”

My Hanukkah Shamash

As a grandmother, you’d expect it from me, I know.  To hear me tell you that my grandson was the best, the bravest, the inspiration to us all, does not surprise anyone.  Even our David would roll his eyes at Gramma’s praise – for… Continue Reading “My Hanukkah Shamash”

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