Do you expect to be a Caregiver?

Be a last-things-first person. What is your goal for this journey or this step of your journey? Break it down so you can get there and head off discouragement for some of the complicated issues you need to resolve.

Prepare – I like to think of this as a bit of a play on words – Pre-Pare (before you need it, reduce the work load). Preparation is needed both physically and spiritually. Webster’s dictionary defines the verb this way (bold emphasis is mine): to make (someone or something) ready for some activity, purpose, use, etc. : to make yourself ready for something that you will be doing, something that you expect to happen,


7 Tips to Prepare for Caregiving         
by Delores Liesner 

7 Tips to Prepare for Caregiving by Delores Liesner

  1. Prayer for Two

As soon as it appears caregiving will be needed,start a prayer journal with this journey in mind.Ask a few loyal friends to pray for you and the person in your life who needs caregiving.

  1. Pre-plan Respite for the Caregiver.

List things or places that refresh you (going for walk in nature, type of movies or books, foods, and (seriously) start practicing it. Schedule times of refreshment into your schedule now. You will be glad you did. Continue habit.

  1. Have a Checklist Talk

As much as possible before your loved one needs the assistance, complete a checklist according to their wishes: caregiving/questions-ask-aging-parents

  1. Adjust Expectations to Diagnosis

If your person has been diagnosed with any level of memory loss or Alzheimers disease, you may not be able to expect rational answers. Get information on their diseases so you know what to expect, and how you can respond.

  1. Set Boundaries

Determine your boundaries and responses. For example: language – kindly say, I will not accept that language, but will be glad to continue our time together when you are ready to speak respectfully. Compliance may take a period of time, but will set mutual respect.

  1. Use a Large Calendar

Large boxes can note visitors, needs, and wants. It will improve their memory, help them feel in control, and make it natural when you later need to depend on it. 

  1. Prepare Resources

Local agencies can be found through United Way, 211(your state spelled out).org ( and see Ambushed by Grace – Help & Hope on the Caregiving Journey by Shelly Beach.





Feel free to ask questions and I can hopefully provide you with some direction, or resources, or prayer.


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