Submerged For A Purpose


The Cracked Teacup in the Well might be a more explanatory title.

tea cup med

Yes you guessed it. I am the cracked teacup. I do, however, mean that in a different way than Christian comedian Patsy Clairmont’s God Uses Cracked Pots.


Have you read her cute story about the woman who has only a cracked pot and carries it to the water, but of course leaks out a great deal on the way home? The moral of the lesson is that seeds were also spilled on the path, and the woman is inadvertently watering the plants while trudging over her arduous journey. Not that God hasn’t surprised me and used me despite my frail and damaged condition.


My desire today is to share about the possibilities when dunking the cracked teacup into the well. What I would expect is not good:

  1. The teacup would float a minute, tip and fill with water, and then sink.
  2. The teacup would be useless because it could not retain the water from the well to bring anyone refreshment
  3. Putting a cracked teacup into a well and withdrawing it makes about as much impression as putting your finger in a bucket of water and pulling it out.


You have my picture. Me. The cracked teacup. Painted to look good but deeply flawed.


Now take a look at the well.  IMG_1826_2


This well is not filled with ordinary water. It is living water. John 4:10.

John 4:10 Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.”


The woman at the well in this story was considered ‘damaged goods’ by her neighbors and the community. Yet Jesus asked her, as he asks me for a drink.

That is humility in action. Give Him a drink? Can I (damaged goods) be a vessel to refresh Christ? Or is he testing me to show me who He is?


When I put myself in this story I see the broken cup – maybe delicate English china (I wish), or a thick and clunky mug – but no matter, for it is cracked. No more -brand new,’ but broken. Not serviceable. Ready to be recycled or remade.


Now the master – the owner of the well – the creator of living water, actually wants to refresh me, remake me, but before he does, he asks me to take a risk. To choose. To let Him re-form the clay, dry, chip, sand and immerse me, an unworthy vessel into the well.


Pretty scary. I don’t like water anyway. And to be immersed! Out of my mind with fear and trembling.


But if I do submit…when I do… He promises He will fill me, and I will not sink. I will not sink because He will place his thumb over the defect, rub the clay back together again and fill the refined vessel. Submerged is to fill and surround with His living presence.P1000292


And so I remind myself, that is where I am now. Hourly being plucked out from almost drowning –unusual uplifting – a certainty of rising out. Resting. Floating without fear and the promise of one day – being recreated whole and useful again.


How is your teacup? Are you, like me, more than slightly cracked? Join me for a 20 day submersion.


Meet you at the well.


Col. 1:27 – Christ in you, the hope of glory

7 Comments on “Submerged For A Purpose

    • Knowing God can use our weakness to encourage or inspire others, makes the lesson all the more valuable. I’m grateful He blessed you through my journey.


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