Be the Miracle!

You are a miracle! You have been created to be the miracle for others! Startling grammasbadge2BLstatements.  Those statements are exciting on the days when things have gone right, we have been particularly blessed, and feel confident to share our joy with others. But how about the days when we are consumed with sadness, grief, or overwhelmed by life’s misfortunes? How can I be a miracle to someone else when I don’t feel I have the strength to do what I should to minister to myself? Whatever kind of day you are having – happy or sad – victorious or challenging – you might be wondering. How can we possibly be a miracle?

Recently I had the opportunity to sit with someone and practice the presence of Christ. We wept, we rejoiced and we pondered truths vs emotions.  Being a miracle is not all that complicated. It is believing and activating that God’s truth trumps circumstances.

Mark Lowry’s song says it well:


You don’t have to feed the 5,000 to care for the hungry we see

You don’t have to walk on the water to get to somebody in need

There’s no good excuse to not let heaven give

The miracle of you and me


The miracle of you – a child of God set into the world as his ambassador


You are the salt  1375

You are the light


Not will be, or can be, or might be, but ARE


You are the salt that highlights and improves flavor, preserves, and removes toxins (purifies!)

You are the light that illuminates, reveals, and brings hope by revealing truth and grace

So whether we feel like it or not, we simply are. Salt.  Light.

Do you know people who are salt? Just by being there, by  joining us in our life situations, melding their hearts with ours, they improve our outcome.  They have many personalities. Some bring more energy, fun and possibilities into any discussion. Others’ consistently uplifting and positive attitude makes resolution of situations seem more possible. And no matter if they are outgoing or introverts, salty people seem to treasure up and store nuggets of hope with which they infuse the darkest of situations.


Speaking of darkness, those Salty people seem to recognize and reveal Christ in all kinds of situations, their ability to shed light on a way out of circumstance and truths from God’s Word gives you hope.


Is that who you see in the mirror? Is that who others see in you? Don’t doubt it – that LoveneighborUSEis who God’s Word says you are! (Matthew 5)


Mark’s song, Be The Miracle reveals some practical ways you can apply the saltiness of you into the world.


  • Be the hands of God touching the hurting with loving arms wide as the sky
  • Be the heart of grace pleading forgiveness with tender compassionate eyes
  • Where the wounded soul needs a little hope, be the miracle

Be there.

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep (Rom. 12:15 )

You are the salt, but it is a choice if and how you will use or apply it. In Matthew 25, Jesus says I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you failed to do one of these things to someone who was being overlooked or ignored, that was me—you failed to do it to shavedguysme. (the Message)


Make the choice today – ask God to show you how you can bless someone. Ask God to show you who needs the presence of Christ that you can bring into their situation.  You – my sister, my brother, truly can…Be the Miracle!





One Comment on “Be the Miracle!

  1. Thanks, I needed that. People who love me most and know me best say that I’m too hard on myself. Those times that I am encouragement to others brings such joy to my own heart.


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