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What Are You Doing Here?

If I ever were to get a tattoo this title would be appropriate. The phrase is from I Kings 19:9. God is speaking – to one of his children who had been blessed to be a part of an obvious act of God, yet… Continue Reading “What Are You Doing Here?”

Be the Miracle!

You are a miracle! You have been created to be the miracle for others! Startling statements.  Those statements are exciting on the days when things have gone right, we have been particularly blessed, and feel confident to share our joy with others. But how… Continue Reading “Be the Miracle!”

One Party I’m Glad I Missed

God sometimes uses man’s faulty decisions to propel His providence. Some actions in Esther chapter one came about under the influence of emotion and stress (seldom in anyone’s best interests), yet later details reveal how an unsettling event  formed a platform on which God… Continue Reading “One Party I’m Glad I Missed”

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