Honoring a Civilian-Veteran – Bob Olson

Apologies as I did not realize the first portion of Bob’s story loaded out of order.

I will load several pages a day.  Some might question my calling Bob a veteran, because he did not qualify for military service. He was determined, though, to serve his country, and found he could still help through a civilian position. He was totally committed and wept every time he shared his story of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I believe there were many like Bob, behind the scenes, without the official titles, just as there are in many areas of our lives.  And so I honor this example of example, experience, dedication, and loyalty.


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2 Comments on “Honoring a Civilian-Veteran – Bob Olson

  1. Having known Bob Olsen and listening to his experiences at Pearl Harbor, I always felt he was a hero. Whatever the moment Bob was explaining, you could see it in his eyes. He wanted no recognition for his service. A great honor to know him.


    • Thanks, Howard, for stopping by. Yes, Bob was an amazing guy. I know several other people who serve the military in civilian roles. Have you had one or some of these special guys during your time of service?


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