After Losing a Child – Get UP!

7226“It’s not going so well,” was the honest answer recently from a dad missing his little girl, gone too soon.


My heart breaks with him, and other parents, because I totally get it though I find it hard to be as vulnerable.


A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I was going to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) in memory of our daughter, Laurie, and bringing her Bible with me.


We are studying the gospel of John 5:5, and that is where I got the ‘Get up!’ title


getupIt seems harsh, but here is why it impacted me so much: I’ve been thinking about this phrase for months, since Laurie said it to me in a dream during that time when I struggled to get out of bed and face a new day. I’d gone back to sleep and dreamed she got up close in my face, like she did since childhood when she wanted to make a specific point. In her no nonsense way she said, “Mother, GET UP!” and I woke up laughing.


But I wasn’t laughing tonight.


Jesus was saying, “Get up!” to an invalid in the alcoves of the pool of Bethesda, near the gates in Jerusalem. One of hundreds of blind, crippled or paralyzed people waiting to be the first person in the water when an angel stirred the waters, he wanted to be healed.


This man, an invalid, had been there for years! Imagine watching others get healed before his eyes… Each time was he more depressed, more hopeful because it happened, or both? This went on for years. Then Jesus came.


And Jesus asks the man the most peculiar question – “Do you want to be well?”


wheelchairdreamWhat would today’s people say? Joni Earickson Tada said it herself…“Duh!” “Of course I wanted to get healed.” (And then she went on to talk of infirmities deeper than physical and of a  healing deeper than the physical).

I came to know the Lord in 1964.  But how long has it been that I acted upon Jesus questions and commands?  How long have I kept some infirmities that I’d really not wanted to be healed from if it meant giving up a dependency, a comfort, or whatever kept me in that category of not being whole or fully realized? How long have I used the excuse that I am what I am?

Did the man realize Jesus knew how long he had been there? Did he think about his response before he chose not to directly answer Jesus’ question?

He said, “Sir – when the water is stirred, I don’t have anybody to put me in the pool.”

And “By the time I get there, somebody else is already in.”


Were those just facts, were they excuses, or were they proof that he daily did what he could to get where someone could lift him in the pool? Or, was he asking Jesus to get him to the place of healing?


IMG_1413Jesus hears more than just the words we say. Jesus hears the heart, and amazingly, Jesus said,

Get up

Take your bedroll

And start walking.


Then I remember how it feels when I sit on my leg or foot for perhaps an hour. The limb grows limp and numb and it is very hard to get up, let alone to stand on it or to walk.


I wonder if this man had ever stood in his life.


Could it be that Jesus, was speaking into this man’s soul, commanding it to get up, and the invalid couldn’t do anything but, because Jesus, the creator and sustainer of all creation, commanded it to be so.


Or, was Jesus’ command made to empower, strengthen and encourage the man to ‘get up’ as my daughter said to me?


sadbywaterIf I were that man, I would be as amazed as the onlookers when my body rose up (after 38 years!) and then bent over and picked up the bedroll without falling back down, and started walking!



Every morning I hear in my soul…


Get up! if you believe it, activate it.

then start walking….


Whichever of my disabilities – be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or some combination,

IMG_2596Jesus still asks me, “Do you want to get well?


Matthew Henry’s Commentary explains that to ‘get well’ meant being made whole.

He paraphrases, “Arise, and walk. God’s command, Turn and live; The proof of spiritual cure, is our rising and walking.

 Walk: embark (aboard a vessel), get into, reach (a pool). So I am commanded to begin the journey…


… even if it means carrying that thorn within me


…even if it means being willing to Get Up each morning, choosing to let go of hiding my brokenness, and revealing evidence of being comfortable in habits I’ve allowed to live in my heavily scarred temple


…even if it means to let others see me visibly limping






Because – if others can see Christ despite my ability to do nothing to change my sadness or my weakness… If others can tell that something …no…some-ONE enables and empowers me to not only get up, and to get out of the bed of my despair, but to face each new day and walk


hospital_bedTruly such an outcome would be miraculous.





7 Comments on “After Losing a Child – Get UP!

  1. Beautiful. I realized long ago that the man at the pool was the only man Jesus warned later. It didn’t dawn on me until I read this that the man had issues far deeper than being unable to walk and that’s what Jesus was warning him about. Yours is the second day in a row I’ve been encouraged to keep going in spite of the fact that I had some very disturbing news from the neurologist last week.

    Thanks again. You are a treasure.


    • Mary, Isn’t it amazing how rich and alive God’s Word is! I’m constantly amazed at how it continues to instruct and guide me day after day for years, continually meeting specific needs. Kind of like those big Christmas saran wrap balls, containing treasure after treasure the deeper you go unwrapping it. Delores


    • Noelene, I just checked out your website and the blog on gifts – and particularly voluntary poverty – struck my heart too. I love it when God does that with his family, and I am blessed that you were. Delores

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    • Mary, Isn’t it amazing how rich and alive God’s Word is! I’m constantly amazed at how it continues to instruct and guide me day after day for years, continually meeting specific needs. Kind of like those big Christmas saran wrap balls, containing treasure after treasure the deeper you go unwrapping it. Delores

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      • Hi Delores, I think the above message was meant for Mary but I enjoyed your analogy about the Christmas saran wrap ball.`
        I feel the same way you do about God’s Word! That is what my second book is about – taking Scripture verses and applying them to situations in this day and age – showing how relevant His Word still is!


      • Nolene, Oops but glad the ‘wrong’ answer still related to you. Please let me know when your book is out – I’d like to check it out! Delores

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