A recent change in my vision prescription prompted the doctor to recommend some vitamins and an anti-inflammatory diet, while reminding me that processed foods are not only worthless actually cause the body to degenerate faster.  Remember, she told me – whatever is good for your body -avoiding foods that cause inflammation, drinking water, exercise…will be good for your eyes.  At my stage things like hair color and clothing fit and style often become a focus and motivation to a healthy lifestyle.  You’ve heard it before, “I’ve lost about a thousand pounds, 10 at a time – over and over.”

I’ve done it all in the past – I’ve taken the vitamins before, and I’ve followed the diet before – sometimes faithfully, sometimes occasionally, sometimes not at all.  Once I start ‘cheating’ like I did at Christmas, I seem to not only lose the motivation to return to the healthier lifestyle, but find I also crave the big 4 (sugar, salt, animal fat and flour).  The only way I can eliminate those cravings is to daily get in the Word for encouragement and to detox for a tough 24-48 hours of total elimination of unhealthy and processed foods. But I have motivation to determine to turn from them to what I know is better.

It makes me ask –  what is my motivation?  Why has it so often failed?

To look good for Ken or to fit in my clothes better is a moderate motivation.

To improve my vision and overall health is a more meaningful long-term motivation.

And to have the  opportunity for the Word of God to be fulfilled in me is the greatest motivation:

2Corinthians 6:16 Who would think of setting up pagan idols in God’s holy Temple? But that is exactly what we are, each of us a temple in whom God lives. God himself put it this way:   “I’ll live (dwell – abide – become one) in them, move into (walk softly with) them; I’ll be their God and they’ll be my people.

Wow.  God wants to make this vessel (my body) His home? That place where He is most comfortable, and where He has the key to access every area?

I’ve got to get going –

I’ve just gotten new motivation to fix up this home for its very special guest – I mean – resident.

3 Comments on “Motivation

  1. Good post for me at the moment…I’ve been procrastinating and being very undisciplined about my writing. It’s been sporatic at best, and my Bible reading has been about the same. I’m blaming back pain and the associated medications for my slow down, but I’m seeing a glimmer of truth that it is me, not outside sources, keeping me from writing. Thanks for the reminder of “the right motivation”! HIS GLORY! -cyn-


  2. Great post! Know I’ll be praying for you…and doing some introspection of my own…such as ‘to Whom does this time belong? Whom am I honoring with this activity?’ Thanks for keeping me on track Sis!


  3. Oh, this is an excellent post. Something i’ve been struggling with myself. the motivation MUST be greater than my simple desire to fit into smaller clothes. I need to remember Who resides in me!! Thanks!


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