What Can an Individual Do? This.

I’ve been writing legislators and asking them with all that is going on pointing toward a rapid decline for America, etc. what an individual (without a lot of money) can do. I asked what can an individual do besides vote for the most righteous, constitutional, godly legislators we can find.  I got one personal response with an indirect answer of what he was doing on our behalf, and the rest sent canned form letters.

Meme thanks to Wendy Speake

I felt frustrated and sad. As I was writing this I got the above verse meme from a friend. Obviously she and others are feeling this sadness too. It was perfect timing because earlier today I was doing errands and pondering multiple crises. I dashed in a department store to do a quick return, and on the way out sitting in the entry foyer on a bench was an attractive senior lady.  Someone (from the store it appeared) was talking to her so I walked by them and out of the store. I felt a tug in my spirit to go back and talk to her, so I turned around and saw she was alone now. I opened the door near her and asked if she needed anything, or if there was anything I could do for her.  She said she was fine, just frustrated as everytime her friend ‘takes her shopping’ the friend has to look at every little thing and takes so long.  “And I’m the one from the assisted living home!” she laughed.

I  unzipped my purse to see if I had any of the little booklets I often stash to read or to share Yes! A bright blue one. I told her I keep little booklets in my purse for just such times, and showed her, asking if she would like something to read while she waits.   She was very touched and said some kind and complimentary things and as I left asked my first name and responded, Delores, I will read it.  I did not ask her name. The booklet was Fearless – Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado.  

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear

When I got outside the store, I felt God telling me – THIS. This is what you need to keep doing.  You don’t need to ask any more politicians  – you already have your answer. 

I thanked God for the opportunity and prayed for the lady – that she would find comfort – and Christ if she didn’t already know Him.

Do you also feel like the world is crumbling? Perhaps my reminder is for you also – that we would remember we are here for such a time as this.

Where will you bring Christ tomorrow? (As Christ-bearers, where we go, we bring Christ—we bring Him into the situation.)

Bring Hope

Bring Compassion

Bring Peace

One Comment on “What Can an Individual Do? This.

  1. Yes! We can do both. I love how the Holy Spirit leads. I love testimony of His leadings.


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