2018 – The Year For Grace!

Do you like words? We writers do, and I enjoy listening for my new word each year.

During Christmas the grandkids were playing in the living room when the youngest, Alayah, fell and began crying – she looked around and ran to Uncle Daniel. I said, “Alayah, does Uncle Daniel make you feel all better?”  Surprisingly, Tony (5-1/2) looked up from his HotWheels cars and said, “Uncle Daniel makes everything better!”


Those words were a gift of grace, and my word for this year is GRACE.


Tony’s comment made me realize that everything goes better when handled with/accompanied by grace!  I’ve heard and seen a lot this past year that could have used more grace…

…times when truth was shared. More truth is needed, but without grace truth can be brutal

…times when power was emphasized. Power is needed to overcome, but without grace, power can be cold

…times when we longed for (and sometimes fought for) peace but forgot about grace in the longing to get our goal our way

…times of knowledge – growing and being built up – Growing in knowledge is so important and with grace, it also includes and welcomes

…times we grew in faith or helped others grow in faith – and hopefully applied it with the same grace we received

…times of praying/asking – (supplication) – and needing grace to weep with those who weep and also to rejoice with those who rejoice

May 2018 be a year of GRACE and GLORY

A time to accept Grace from the hand of God, from myself, and from others

A time to give Grace with the same abundance, abandon and extravagance that God has given to us


Psalm 84:11

Zechariah 12:10

John 1:14 and 1:17

Acts 6:8

Romans 1:5, and 5:17

Titus 1:4

I Peter 1:2

2 Peter 1:2 and 1 Peter 3:18




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