Start 2018 Right with the Near Journal!

It’s true for me – if I have a dedicated folio to guide my devotional thoughts, I’m more likely to remember the passage teachings as well as to DO the devotionals – Is it true for you?

I like my journal or folio to lay flat so I can easily write in it, as well as to review prior journaling to check my progress.

Devotionals are to set my daily focus and to provide some self-accountability.

The Near Journal does all that and more.

The Near Journal is flexible; and can be used with normal bible reading or it can also be used as a complement to a themed/topical bible study un an easy to use 90-day journal.

The Near Journal also features:

  • Blank lined pages in the back for note taking.
  • 16 of the blank pages are perforated, so you can easily tear out a note if you are on the go. – This is particularly helpful for scripture memorization.
  • Pocket inside back cover used to hold additional pieces of paper, church bulletins, or note cards.

 Jacob Vandenbark: 

Jacob started this journal because he needed it himself. He’d always struggled to have a consistent daily quiet time, and when he used prewritten/themed devotional books he always felt that all he was doing was reading and answering some questions – and was still neglecting prayer, memorization, and growth. So he set out to build himself something that would help him have an excellent daily quiet time – without telling him what to read, study, or learn.The Near Journal/ Draw Near Co.

The Near Journal has helped me to combine setting my daily focus and memorizing scripture in a memorable way.  I enjoy the uncomplicated format – guiding users into simply record new truths you learned, new goals or new prayers.

Start 2018 off right – or give a gift that will help others start their year right

  • Commit to more than reading the Bible – journal it and activate its truths in your life!
  • Experience personal growth in areas important to you
  • Memorize scripture. It will help guide your activities and decisions.
  • Track how God answered your prayers – it’s encouraging!
  • Record the Bible’s impact on you to share with others

ORDER HERE at Draw Near Website:

Pre-Order Price: $24.99
Regular Price: $26.99

The young man who designed this journal is passionate about getting this tool into the hands of people who need it. For every 4 Near Journals that sell, he donates 1 to a youth group for free. So, when he sells 20 journals he ships a box of 5 out to a youth group; 100% free of charge.

Help your Youth Group or others to receive these free planners – Share this info with your family, friends, and church family so they can start the year right and get the youth group this wonderful help! Then, add your youth group to the list to receive free Near Journals


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