Happy Endings!

Ok. It’s the New Year. The time of new beginnings, right? New Fireworks-starlighthealth habits, new goals, new plans and hopes. But also the reality of a changed family. The need to survive and to live out that ‘live-as-though-it-were-your-last-day proverb for the rest of your family and special relationships.


In the past I thought of this proverb only in relation to myself. What would I do different if it were my last day? Dance as if no one was looking? Eat less, read more? Work harder and relax harder? Spend more time with people


Now, I think what if I were to leave the house, and not come IMG_2624back – was the last thing I said or did going to bring pleasant memories? Or what if I were to go out the door and come back to one less family member? Is there going to be anything I wish I’d said or done to them, or perhaps more importantly, anything I’ll wish I had not said or done?


I know many might say wait a minute, we are still human. We are going to hurt and be hurt. That no one can live that way every day. But really, can’t we develop habits to CHOOSE to not let the wrong emotions rule? We don’t have to have a tragedy to choose to make this decision.


I’ve always been a last thing first kind of person. Before I have breakfast, I like to know what we will be having for dinner. As a matter of fact, I will often make that decision for tomorrow before I go to bed. (I just did – I took a chicken out of the freezer to thaw) So what other last things are there? I always feel better when I am cleaning and have the worst job out of the way. I write better (more relaxed anyway) when 14013I first outline the goal – and know what I want to accomplish at the end. If I am out delivering things, I will do the most outlying destination first (that way if I don’t finish, the remaining ones are closer to home). You got the picture. So – what is the last thing before I leave the house? I know my husband will be thinking about me and either the words I said or the way I left the house. Why not have it be something good?


It’s a little thing to do. But it is those little things, done consistently that often make the greatest impact.


I’ve just got a feeling that if we put into practice, day after day, an exit line that could be serious or short and sweet, 2084cute or code it will become automatic. (We do have a code – our granddaughter Aimee was the first to figure it out)


Happy New Year – Here’s to new ENDINGS!

Hosea 10:12     Sow righteousness,
reap love.



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