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Happy Endings!

Ok. It’s the New Year. The time of new beginnings, right? New health habits, new goals, new plans and hopes. But also the reality of a changed family. The need to survive and to live out that ‘live-as-though-it-were-your-last-day proverb for the rest of your…

After Losing a Child – Reverse Resolutions

Years past have often begun with regret rather than rejoicing. What have I not  done…what should I have done…what have I not finished, and on and on.   I have a different perspective this year – and it is a gift from Laurie, the…

Worse Than Before?

How many hundreds of pounds have you lost (5 or 10 at a time of course) and how many have you gained back?    How many New Year’s resolutions have you made, and not been able to sustain?   How many times have you…

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