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Happy Endings!

Ok. It’s the New Year. The time of new beginnings, right? New health habits, new goals, new plans and hopes. But also the reality of a changed family. The need to survive and to live out that ‘live-as-though-it-were-your-last-day proverb for the rest of your… Continue Reading “Happy Endings!”

After Losing a Child – Reverse Resolutions

Years past have often begun with regret rather than rejoicing. What have I not  done…what should I have done…what have I not finished, and on and on.   I have a different perspective this year – and it is a gift from Laurie, the… Continue Reading “After Losing a Child – Reverse Resolutions”

Worse Than Before?

How many hundreds of pounds have you lost (5 or 10 at a time of course) and how many have you gained back?    How many New Year’s resolutions have you made, and not been able to sustain?   How many times have you… Continue Reading “Worse Than Before?”

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