Say what?


The answer is in this note a dear friend recently sent:


“When I have been so toast that all I could do in my heart is say, “Lord, if you want me to shine Jesus into this person you’ve put before me with a zing in my heart right now, you simply have to overtake me. I’m willing but I have so very little to contribute.


Then I watch as an audience in my own life” J


These moments are great reminders of how little He needs us and how much we need Him!”


I imagine willing hands lifting a blank canvas to the Lord, trusting HIM to write or paint on today’s bit of time.


Each day I ask God to lead me to bring His presence to others – to be, as Mark Lowry’s song says,


Be the hands of God touching the hurting

With loving arms wide as the sky

Be the heart of grace, bleeding forgiveness

With tender compassionate eyes

When the wounded soul needs a little hope

Be the miracle!

Be the miracle!


It’s a lofty goal, impossible on my own.  Yet God moves in others lives.


Sometimes to me.


Sometimes through me.


Despite my inability.


And  – I love that because there’s no pressure to perform perfectly, no messy, unending calculation on the blackboard of my life to erase and start over and over, knowing I’m too tired to think straight and knowing that I don’t really know what the problem is, let alone the solution.  Without God’s help, I’ll never get it right.


That is the sweet spot – the best place for me to be.


Why?  Because… when there is



Me, there is room for





John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease. “




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