The Watermark

A watermark is one of those subtle marks on stationery that you can’t see unless you hold it up to the light. 

For some reason, I think of that word when I think of a young friend who is lost right now.   This message is for her: For so long, you’ve been running from the light.  But when your life is held up to the light, the mark that’s always been there will be obvious to all who know you.

No matter what you’ve done, what mistakes you’ve made that you can’t go back and change, you still belong to Jesus, and he will never abandon you. He’s marked you for life, and that mark will never leave you.

We pray that the shades will be drawn from your eyes and you will soon once again see the light of your savior.

And this message is from all the sisters and the friends who are praying for her:  We each know what it was like to be lost, to stay in the darkness to hide our watermark.  We didn’t want the truth revealed for we would have had to face up to who we really were then, and who we were running from.  Besides, the longer you are in the dark, the more your eyes hurt when you come out into the light. It was far too easy to stay there and pretend we were comfortable when we were frightened out of our minds.

We know too how all the never satisfying addictions that kept us in the dark no longer draw, but even disgust, for we know them for their fakeness, and we know their smell of death.

The Son-light that shines behind and before our watermark once again creates transparent beauty that we want to share, don’t need to pretend anymore.

We pray our lost sister, that she might realize before her life is shortened that she is being deceived – that all which does not reflect and illuminate the watermark is there only for its own selfish purpose to seek, to kill, and to destroy.

We pray that eternal watermark would reveal itself and repel the enemy from our dear lost sister, and we pray that our own desperate journeys would make our prayers real and frequent for this dear one.

With confidence we know and have experienced that the Lord loves with an everlasting love and draws with lovingkindness. He has set eternity in her heart.

Even from eternity (the Lord says)

there is none who can deliver out of My hand;

I act and who can reverse it?”


“This one will say, ‘I am the LORD’S’ – Isaiah 44:5

5 Comments on “The Watermark

  1. This is beautifully put and we have several young people we are praying this very thing that they would be protected from the deciept they are caught in and not be blinded from Christ’s watermark on their life. Thank you, Delores.


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