49 things

That’s what we decided to do for our 49th anniversary!  Poor Ken wondered often when this anniversary would ever end, but always with a smile.

It was a blast and a blessing.

I’m grateful for the best find of my life – at the bottom of the escalator at Mitchell Airfield in Milwaukee 🙂

Here’s what we did:

49 things

  1.   Flowers – Ken picked out bouquet when we were shopping for veggies a few days before anniversary
  2. DQ spontaneous sundae
  3. Dancin
  4. Chicago Art show – won tickets from Racine Art Museum
  5. Try fried green beans
  6. Gluten Free Expo
  7. Cirque Symphonie – treat from son and daughter-in-law
  8. Steak dinner at home
  9. Focused time in prayer for marriage, family and extended family
  10. Sleep till we wake up (8 am)
  11. 2 night vacation (first time in about 20 years!)
  12. Extended– got free hotel night! – Highly recommend Clarion Suites in Gr.Rapids
  13. Cashed in quarters we saved to go book shopping
  14. Book Shopping at Bakers 14-.Next Day at Baker’s Used Books – 2 hours J found a basketful from 2 page list
  15.  Book Shopping at Kregels
  16.  Book Shopping at Eerdmans (mostly from gift fund- exciting discounts)
  17.  Visit Reformed college and bookstore
  18.  Found Psalter for Kris
  19. Dinner at Arnie’s in Grand Rapids (my favorite MI restaurant)
  20.  Dinner at Culvers – heart shaped potato in vegetable soup J – not my favorite place, but it’s his anniversary too!
  21.  Kite Fest in Grand Haven
  22.  Butter Pecan Ice Cream for lunch
  23.  Walked through all the downtown shops (SO unusual for Ken) – bought nothing – SO unusual for me!
  24.  Stayed in walking distance of beach (more like camping at cost of nice hotel – we won’t do that again, but wanted to try it.)  It WAS nice to be able to walk back from the kite fest. Our password those two days was location, location, location.
  25. Walked the boardwalk in Grand Haven
  26.  Decided to eat breakfast out instead of cooking – only 2 block walk to restaurant… awesome food like asparagus veggie Benedict…
  27. Found a sun hat that fit
  28. Hiked at Dune State park
  29. Stopped for a Dove Bar
  30. Sleep till wake up (9:30!)
  31. Walk South Haven Park and Shops
  32.  Got gardening plants (360!) for us, friends, and charity sale
  33. Mejier Sculpture Gardens (beautiful)
  34.  Shop for Aimee’s shower and wedding
  35. Bought handbag from Mejier’s
  36. Ken got me earrings and a commentary I wanted
  37. Ken got 3 books of his Ironside collection
  38. Tried new restaurant – asparagus soup and chicken salad
  39. Design back yard for no-grass raised gardens
  40.  Dairy Queen treat
  41. Didn’t do a Laz thing because it would embarrass Ken and it WAS his anniversary too – picture a window washer at a fancy store…
  42.   Second symphony – treat by son and daughter-in-law
  43.  Looked at all the old photo albums – many happy memories
  44.  Reminisced about other trips we’ve taken – favorites were Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Mexico
  45.  Jamba Juice smoothie
  46.  Baked him a pumpkin pie
  47.  Popcorn-Potato Chip and Book night – read and snacked together
  48. Watched a TV movie together – can’t recall the last time we relaxed together for more than half an hour! Funny part was we are not used to sitting that long, and could hardly get up after two hours!
  49. Gave away 49 things – clothing, books, cds, household items, etc.

We also reviewed our marriage “life verse” which is actually a Psalm – Psalm 112.  How gracious the Lord has been to give us so much time together and a wonderful legacy with children and grandchildren who know and walk with the Lord.

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