Seven Little Simpledown Victories

1. The writer’s workshop last Saturday was located where?  In a bookstore!  Danger, danger.  And guess who arrived half an hour early.

Despite that half hour mini-tour and a creative writing activity that gave us more minutes to roam and examine store contents, I came away with a record small package:  1 reduced price book, 1 box of greeting cards, and 1 activity for grandchildren – Total $11.

My daughter in law might not think that was a ‘little’ victory as she saw the effect of this book-a-holic turned loose a few months ago in a discount book store’s going-out-of-business sale.


2.  Purse – saw a cute one in Fond du Lac. But – put it back and cleaned out a closet – where I found a few purses I hadn’t seen in awhile. Will try them out first.  Evaluating if mending/adapting some (handle, dividers, etc) is worth it or if I should pass them on.


3.  Wanted to go out after church Sunday but got creative with refrigerator contents.  (Sauteed asparagus tips – reserved from making asparagus chicken soup) – with onions and 1 Tbsp. of Italian dressing.  Added very tiny chunks of ham and poured over eggs and rice milk shaken together.  Seasoned and served, we were both very pleased with the combination.  Italian Chicken Asparagus Fritatta!


4.  Appreciated a beauty supply’s 60-day return policy when the new hair dryer only had hurricane and him-a-cane speeds creating one style – windblown.  Exchanged for a smaller dryer that came with a free curler set and for $5 more got a mini curling iron, a new brush, and an eyebrow pencil.


5. It’s the end of the month, and I’ve saved enough to get a ticket for Milaeger’s style show.  I didn’t make it last year, and it’s a fun way to get inspiration to clean out and rearrange the closet!  With the ticket coupon I should have enough to purchase one new item.  With inspiration I should be able to come home and remove 1 bagful to sell or give away.


6.  Sold some things on Ebay.  Will see how much I actually earned after fees to list, postage, percentage for selling – usually adding up to anywhere from 30-50%.


7.   Discovered the gyro plate at Sparti’s.  Gyro meat is one thing I haven’t figured out how to make myself and keep for a now and then treat.  Sparti’s gyro plate with salad (plus a side order of extra gyros) provides 2-3 meals for each of us!  Quite a bargain for this bargain hunter.

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