The cost of selling

I’m not using those credit cards this year so what cost me 24%?

The cost of selling stuff on Ebay.  There are fees to post, fees once sold, fees to get paid, fees for postage…fees, fees, fees.

Plus time involved to photograph, measure, describe, post, weigh, pack, mail, etc.

It’s just not worth it for the little things I have to sell.  If I feel an item is worth $10, (what I would pay if I were buying) I have to sell it for $12.50 to cover the fees. Then because it is known that most people bid more often on items that include free postage (average cost $5.00 for top, jacket, shoes, etc)  the  item has to either sell for $17.50 to make a $10.00 profit after fees and postage or only make a $5.00 profit on something that sells for $12.50.  There are still fees for posting if you don’t sell items, and that can reduce actual profit from items you do sell.

Guess it’s back to donate to church sale or to other people because the only other place I’m aware of to sell items is Craig’s list – all I’ve had from that was a lot of spam email and a very weird almost-sale that canceled when the buyer discovered I was not going alone to the meeting place.

This cost of selling is too much for me.  Especially when I know it is much more profitable to spend the time writing.  Proof came yesterday when I showed Ken the office chair I’ve been ‘watching’ was finally on sale.  Next to the ad in the mail was a check from an article.  That and $4 got me the new chair!

Ah, think I’ll stick with what gives the greatest benefits. Writing and giving.


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