Nursing Home Angels

Yesterday I was reminded once again that I never say thanks often enough.  I spent the day with my Mom at a nursing home and was impressed with the loving care she receives.  Staff in each area we went personally greeted Mom, several volunteers stopped to chat and encourage her, and staff went out of their way to encourage me to let them know any needs they might be missing. Mom used the buzzer a few times and help was there in seconds.  PT came in to check how an adjustment to equipment was working out, and Mom’s meal ticket noted items she preferred and items she disliked (which they guarantee not to serve). Cheerful joking helped the medicine go down, and encouragement to come see me if you feel lonely (when Mom got sad that I was about to leave) was touching.  Volunteers came by too with little gifts like crafty angels personally distributed, Christmas carol singing, cookies and cute little wrapped candy gifts and on and on.

So many caregivers are helping my mom, and though some might say it’s their job, I never feel that way.  When I complimented the staff, one said to me that if a person is not able to visualize their loved one with each person they care for, they would be missing a vital qualification.

Perhaps that is what we each need to do as we look around us at all the people who help us daily – at the gas station, the grocery store, the pharmacy, at school, at work, at the doctors offices, etc.  A simple thank you for doing what they have to do, but doing it cheerfully, doing beyond what they have to do, or doing something I need doing and don’t know how to do, wouldn’t want to do, or couldn’t do without them, means so much.

Thank you nursing home angels for all you do – for my loved one and and all the other loved ones.  Thank you to all the volunteers who bring extra cheer and thank you to all the unseen workers that make Mom’s space a clean, healthy, and cheerful place.

Thank you to all the angels in my life.

One Comment on “Nursing Home Angels

  1. Knowing your story does my heart well to know that you have come to a peaceful (I hope) place with your mom now. The hard part of your battle is won! I do wonder how my new journey as a ‘caretaker’ is going to turn out with my mother-in-law. Today is a good day…tomorrow…who knows! I do know two things…one-it’s temporary…two-I’m where I’m suppose to be and taking it one day at at time…well OK three things! 🙂

    A thankful heart is hard to come by these days. A co-worker and I were discussing today how we both feel our lives have been directed to be Gods servants at the work place. We just wish all the others would feel the same, so we can all move in the same direction with ‘ a thankful heart.’

    Thank you Jesus for a transparent heart and always showing me the truth in my daily living.


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