Shopping locally

I knew the challenge to not use credit would be there because so many things are on sale this time of year.  Cancelling the email ads telling me what I was missing

It's not mine, unfortunately.

helped a lot. Even more than that, shopping locally, having the item immediately in hand, and knowing I won’t have to mail it back if something is wrong underlines the right decision.  Hubby loves that we stick to the budget and call each other if expenditure is over a set amount.   I had ordered a coat for my Mom before making my no-credit pledge and finally got it… only to find out it was shabbily made and I had to return it.  This expense is supposedly “only” $6.50 but keep in mind that I paid $8.99 to get it here.  So this will add up to future savings – no more $15.49 just to get something in hand, find out it is not as nice as advertisements – and reviews – stated and return the lemon.

A bonus was spending time with a friend as we both picked up needed items.  I also enjoyed the places that had Christmas music instead of some of today’s nonmelodic offerings which make me want to run – out of the store.  That’s ok with Ken 🙂 – hmmm – wonder if he put them up to it?

Justt before I made the credit pledge I was in Michigan eating out with cousin Gene.  The Oriental restaurant brought us “fortune cookies” after our meal.  We often have fun with these little gems and Gene made the decision of who would get which cookie.  His and Marge’s were the typical fortunes that ‘something good will happen’ but mine!  We all burst out laughing when I read “Do not spend more than you need to – it is important that you be extra frugal this year.”  I immediately called Ken to see how he set this up a state away, and of course he swore he knew nothing about it.

Sure.  Likely story.

2 Comments on “Shopping locally

  1. Well, at least your having fun while spending Mr. plastic. LOL
    Fortune cookies don’t lie! 🙂


    • Uh, Uh….No more plastic – I’m happy to say it is gone – shredded, bye bye.
      The “fortune” cookie was right in that I needed to fast from spending 🙂 … but I’m enjoying the challenge.


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