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My Spiritual Selfie

I am never satisfied with the pictures I take of myself. Perhaps because my ‘selfies’ reveal  too much physical truth.     I should be more concerned whether they reveal the real truth.   What is my real truth? It is my spiritual selfie… Continue Reading “My Spiritual Selfie”

Focusing On The Truth

How are you doing?    Forgive me if I hope I never ask that question again, especially to someone who is grieving.   Joni Tada said, “Suffering is the textbook that will teach you who you really are.”   My suffering has revealed painful… Continue Reading “Focusing On The Truth”

A Daddy Story – Somebody’s Watching!

Many have requested some of my column stories, so I’ll be sharing some the next 6 weeks.  Father’s Day, of course, I thought of the many lessons Daddy taught me – still timely. Somebody’s Watching    Heady with excitement, Daddy’s third child to turn… Continue Reading “A Daddy Story – Somebody’s Watching!”

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