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After Losing a Child – Lessons from a Storm

I wonder if I will ever be done saying goodbye to our daughter. Perhaps not.    Last night I drove through some scary storms. Rain pelting down so hard that even leaning into the windshield and squinting, I could barely see the road. Wind… Continue Reading “After Losing a Child – Lessons from a Storm”

Through The Storm

We were halfway there when the wind picked up and the van began to rock and shudder. Only the thought of my granddaughter Kristin’s call for help to vacate a troublesome apartment situation in another state kept my son-in-law, Frank, his family and I… Continue Reading “Through The Storm”

What if?

The world is in turmoil and many are speculating on potential outcomes.  I know personally the difference between sympathy and empathy.  World drama becomes personal tragedy when it invades our space, our family, and our bodies.   One group says read our books and… Continue Reading “What if?”

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