After Losing a Child – Lessons from a Storm

I wonder if I will ever be done saying goodbye to our daughter. Perhaps not.  Laurie (12)


Last night I drove through some scary storms. Rain pelting down so hard that even leaning into the windshield and squinting, I could barely see the road. Wind blowing from the side. Lightning all around.

Just keep on. Slow down if you have to, but don’t stop.

Phone calls (thank God for in-car calling) warning of tornadoes heading our way. Other calls assuring of prayers.

Storm watch station giving constant warnings.

More calls from friend in car behind us with quiet encouragement.

I’ve got your back. Just keep going. With God’s help we will get through it.

Muscles bunching. Stiff neck, sore shoulders, back aching. Hands white-knuckled on the wheel.

Tension building.  1-carflood

Prayers flying upward. Oh God, help.

GPS says go that way – water looks unsafe – go the other way instead. Now try this way – but warnings and detours abound.

Get to higher ground. Get counsel. You do NOT have to do this alone.

We pulled off, turns out, just above a badly flooded area. Called our son and got a new perspective. Struck out again, but feeling

Hopeful. I believe I will make it to the other side of the storm.

We arrived home safely, yet feeling totally wrung out. A 5 hour drive had taken 7 but seemed like forever.

Tomorrow I will be picking up some of my daughter’s clothing to bring to a dear friend   IMG_2812who offered to make a couple lap robes from them. I anticipate another storm, but head there having heard the lessons. The Lord has my back and I am fixed to the rock. Two friends are coming along. I am hopeful that with His presence, and their help and counsel, I will make it through the storm.

Matt. 7:25 Rain poured down, the river flooded, a tornado hit—but it did not fall.

It was fixed to the rock.


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