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Peace, Where are You?

My sister, Marvel, is right. She is the one in the midst of the storm, or about to be.  Here I am over a thousand miles away, having my own storm over her safety. Hers and so many others. America … Continue reading

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Thanks-Giving IN (not for) Times of Difficulty

It is easy and obvious to give thanks for whatever harvest we have – the food is there and we are grateful for it and the job that helped us obtain either the seed and nutrients to grow the food, … Continue reading

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Being Present in the Present

The many words of comfort and stories I’ve received this past month (since our daughter,  Laurie, went to be with the Lord after a sudden and unexpected stroke), particularly from other parents who also lost a child far too early, … Continue reading

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Focusing On The Truth

How are you doing?    Forgive me if I hope I never ask that question again, especially to someone who is grieving.   Joni Tada said, “Suffering is the textbook that will teach you who you really are.”   My … Continue reading

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Got any stress?   You might have Acute stress (immediate threat or trauma, anticipated demands or pressures, unexpected job change, poverty, serious diagnosis) Episodic stress – over-committed, always late, unorganized chaos, pessimism, fear, or major life events (good or bad), substance … Continue reading

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Esther’s Choices in Captivity

Esther is in captivity, but she still has choices.   Though she was captured–bodily taken–yet her spirit apparently had not been overtaken. Along with many other young women, Esther is in custody of the keeper of the women.   Verse … Continue reading

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For Natural Beauty – Last Things First!

No matter what we wear, the eye is naturally drawn to our skin. If I don’t eat right and nourish my skin, no amount of makeup will hide what is really there at the end of the day. So – … Continue reading

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