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Look What God Has Done!

Esther made the only right choice, which was to attempt to save her people and not just save her own self.  Esther did approach the king—uninvited—a feat punishable by death if the king did not extend his scepter. The king’s response was beyond Esther’s… Continue Reading “Look What God Has Done!”

Be Like Esther – Do Something!

Queen Esther called for a fast, but not just any fast. Esther’s choice of the type of fast she instructed Mordecai to start is very telling. Biblical reasons for fasting: 1) To subject the physical to the spiritual – giving priority to spiritual goals;… Continue Reading “Be Like Esther – Do Something!”

Esther’s Choices in Captivity

Esther is in captivity, but she still has choices.   Though she was captured–bodily taken–yet her spirit apparently had not been overtaken. Along with many other young women, Esther is in custody of the keeper of the women.   Verse 9 says she won… Continue Reading “Esther’s Choices in Captivity”

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