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How a Cow increased My Faith

Would you believe a cow turned me into a miracle-believing lady? Though I’d always known about Jesus dying on the cross, and the Bible being God’s words, it took a couple of amazing and unexplainable events for me to understand miracles could happen to… Continue Reading “How a Cow increased My Faith”

Announcing: Be The Miracle!

WHOOO HOOOO – Dream Come True! I’m on the road with a sister trip and will do a launch party in early September – but in the   meantime couldn’t wait to announce the book is out and available on Amazon! NOW AVAILABLE AT… Continue Reading “Announcing: Be The Miracle!”

How to Be the Miracle: Love your Neighbor as Yourself!

Mark Lowry’s song Be the Miracle says:  Be the hands of God touching the hurting with loving arms wide as the sky Be the heart of grace pleading forgiveness with tender compassionate eyes Where the wounded soul needs a little hope, be the miracle… Continue Reading “How to Be the Miracle: Love your Neighbor as Yourself!”

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