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The Detox – Put ON so you can Put OFF

The Detox Have you heard of the Put On – Put Off principle? I am doing a (physical) detox and noticed how closely the plan/methodology of the detox is to the spiritual principle. The plan lasts 28 days and increasingly adds good things to… Continue Reading “The Detox – Put ON so you can Put OFF”

After Losing a Child – Reverse Resolutions

Years past have often begun with regret rather than rejoicing. What have I not  done…what should I have done…what have I not finished, and on and on.   I have a different perspective this year – and it is a gift from Laurie, the… Continue Reading “After Losing a Child – Reverse Resolutions”

Shapely Girl Countdown minus 2

Only two more days to starting our month of health with ShapelyGirl Fitness.com.  Today’s preparation is to Remove roadblocks to health! Detox the cupboards and fridge! Look for REAL FOOD … This could take all day 🙂 – But why not?  If I were… Continue Reading “Shapely Girl Countdown minus 2”

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