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My Spiritual Selfie – Day 2 of 20 – Grief, Communication and Spiritual CPR

Yep – with selfies I communicate to other people my:   Emotions Hopes Momentous Moments Successes Failures Personality And so much more   I also communicate through the written word, personal responses. actions or inactions. All that communication is done purposefully. I know I…

After Losing a Child – Trying to Fight the Battle (Alone)

It’s hard when you have difficulty understanding what your spouse, relative or friend is  going through, and it is hard knowing they don’t or can’t understand what you are feeling. My daughter we lost once wrote me that she felt that same way –…

After Losing a Child – Is your Switch ON?

At first I was ticked off. When I was younger I had someone in my family that would force a smile when I felt I had nothing to smile about. Making my teeth appear and the skin on my cheeks crease into a smile…

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