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My Messianic Christmas

The star – the six-pointed star of David – is found in many places in my home. To me, that star, and the coming three events are forever intertwined. Hanukkah –December 24 to January 1, 2017 Christmas – Sunday, December 25 Epiphany /Three Kings‘ Day… Continue Reading “My Messianic Christmas”

Christmas Treasures

We don’t do a lot compared to much of America’s Christmas decorating.  I considered not decorating at all since it is a “different kind of Christmas” as Mark Schultz’s beautiful song puts it, due to the loss of a family member. Thinking about Dickens’… Continue Reading “Christmas Treasures”

Holiday Expectations

Here come the holidays – the time of greatest depression. (Not referring to me, but to the world in general) I remember a Thanksgiving years ago where it seemed “everyone” was talking about going home to turkey and all we had was bologna. If… Continue Reading “Holiday Expectations”

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