Review – The Reunion by Dan Walsh

Riveting and personal, The Reunion is a realistic heart-rending story that gives rightful tribute to Vietnam veterans.  Highly recommended.

I never could understand why those who served in Vietnam were not welcomed as any other war veteran, because they put their lives on the line, and performed their duties as directed.

I’m sure many Vietnam veterans and their families feel the same way, as many have suffered in silence over the past decades.  Though they experienced the same danger, tragedy and physical harms, they did not receive the same respect, appreciation or even physical and psychological help as those who served in wars before them.

How did those who survived physically handle the cold war waiting from those for whom they had fought? Aaron Miller can tell you through the pages of The Reunion, because he is one of those forgotten men.  Through him and the story of three men whose lives Aaron saved so long ago, we see the generational effects of the war, the survivors and those who were not welcomed, but wounded afresh, believing the lie that they were unworthy.  One of those men, John Lansing, hires Dave Russo, a local newspaper reporter, to find Aaron Miller.  Dave, already researching and interviewing Vietnam veterans for a book, accepts the unusual offer, hoping to find another veteran to interview for his book, but he finds so much more.


Dave’s life is forever impacted through the discoveries, relationships and revelations that arise from his search for the reclusive Aaron Miller.  Reading about the struggles of each of the veterans brought to life in The Reunion, I was also humbled anew at the rights these men and women give up that their fellow countrymen might live in freedom.




The author and Revell provided a review copy, which in no way influenced my review.

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