A Biblical Reproduction Gift Offer for YOU!

Post 3 – After the commitment comes the party!  The celebration . . . and the gifts!   The lamp pictured to the left is a gift YOU can receive… but a bit more about that later.

A few weeks back I’d been 1-lampinvited to celebrate the commitment of Biblical Reproductions, the only company authorized and licensed to sell replicas and photographic reproductions for the Israel Antiquities. My commitment was to provide honest reviews of their website and their products.  As a special guest I would receive a surprise – an actual item to review and to keep as a lasting momento of my visit.

Those who know me, know that all things Israel are central to my heart and the decoration of our home. Photos of banners representing the 12 tribes line the surrounding of our kitchen, pointing to the cross and star of David at the ceiling center, so you know I was excited!

When we were young we’d let our kids go through catalogs and dream, and now I’d been dreaming on the quality reproductions at the Biblical Reproductions website. Usually a dream is a maybe, but this was different.  I already knew I would be receiving something from the website.  I asked God for something that would cause me to give thanks every time I saw it and would echo my word of the year. 2014’s word is “listen.”

YES!  That was my reaction on seeing the shape of the package I received from Biblical Reproductions.  The narrow and slim package meant it would be a scroll. I tore into my package like a kid and drew out a long clear acrylic-encased beauty.  It was a scroll portion from Job – beauty from ashes.IMG_6926



Seeing a portion of Job I immediately brought to mind  our grandson David and his battle cry amid his cancer battle that, like Job, he was determined not to sin with his lips (curse God for his suffering) but determined to intercede for those who doubted and wounded him. Job, to many, represents only suffering. What message about my year’s word – listen – could there possibly be in the scroll of Job? The manuscript’s fragments contain the last seven chapters of the translation –




The text contained on the fragments of this reproduction corresponds to Job 23-33, 36:7-16 in the Book of Job fount in the Old Testament.


IMG_6945There are several encouragements to listen and obey God’s Word, and this challenge of Job’s reminds of how I need to listen to, and treasure, God’s Word:  

I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.


.Amazing that centuries later these words are alive and speak to me.






My beautiful reminder comes with adapters so it can be set on a desk or table or displayed on the wall.

Jobdesk JobSection JobShelf JobWall



Biblical Reproductions also provided a free gift for you with a purchase from their website!  The free items are your choice of pottery – The Herodian Oil Lamp without handle, The Herodian Oil lamp with handle, (illustrated above) and the Mini Dead Sea Scroll Jar.  Yes, any of these pottery pieces will be  FREE with the purchase of any item (other than the pottery) from the Biblical Reproductions Website!

When ordering enter the code DLCWA14 and specify in the notes field which pottery item you would like as your free gift.  You can select as many free gifts equal to the number of items (other than pottery) you order. For example order 3 scrolls or inscriptions, and you can choose 3 pottery items free.

Feel free to pass this blog on to any interested friends who would like to use the code to get quality Biblical Reproductions for their own home, and for gifts.

I am thrilled with my experience reviewing Biblical Reproductions, and the reminder their gift offers me, that God keeps His promises.  Check out their website –Biblical Reproductions –  I’m sure you will be as pleased!



I received the above item to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.  Check out what other members of Christian Woman Affiliate had to say about Biblical Reproductions and see their “mystery review item”!

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