Trusting God to Open and Close Doors

~Delores Liesner~

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9.

A couple of months ago I felt God telling me to sell our smaller car. We were avoiding using it due to the low fuel economy. We figured maybe God wanted us to try going without the second car for awhile.

Two days after we sold it, we decided we needed a second car ASAP.

I started searching and researching. We needed a small car with good fuel economy, low mileage, and a backup camera…all within our low budget. Some car dealers laughed or hung up. One tried to make me a deal on a car that was already sold with pickup scheduled the following day. I refused, and told him if he would do that to another customer he could do that to me.

Then the emails came. All four in one day.

First a Christian dealer: Wait. (Implying I should be waiting on God.)

Next our son: Mom, what are you doing? You said you were going to try one car.

Daughter: Mom, TWO DAYS 😦 – are you sure God wants you doing this? (By now I’m convicted because I hadn’t asked Him).

The fourth email was a meme with this message: Are you asking God to open and close doors? Then get your hand off the doorknob!

Ok, God. I cancelled all car searches and put my trust back in Him.

A week later I got a call from my cousin Elaine telling me our cousin Joan had died. I was the executor of her will. Hours after I got to town, Joan’s caregiver called to tell me that Joan had instructed her to tell me she’d bought the car. “What do you mean?” I asked. “She told me she leased the car.”

Her reply stunned me. “After a few months of lease payments, she asked what the payment difference would be to buy it. Only $50. So she bought the car so she could leave it to you!”

This car is one of the most economical small cars on the road. It has only 10,000 miles on it. It has a backup camera! I realized then that the reason God led me to sell our little old car was to make room for something better!

Is there something you are scrambling to resolve with one hand gripping the doorknob? Let go! Let God. He has a wonderful surprise in store for you!

5 Comments on “Trusting God to Open and Close Doors

  1. I have the sneakiest feeling that I’m one of those with a paw firm on the doorknob. The call to radical trust is all I’ve been hearing for some days now.


    • That happens to me too! Often 3 or more sources closely giving the same message – it’s time to heed – stop the striving and trust. I pray God resolves your issue in a radical way so you know it is HIM working it out for you.

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      • Thank you so much for that prayer. Yes, that is exactly what I am seeking too. You’ve used another word that is lighting up for me today – radical – as in radical trust. Something ordinary won’t do for the times we are in.


  2. Sometimes the testimony is just what you need to hear, just when you need to hear it! Thank you!


    • I love it when God connects us through his working in our hearts. Thank you for stopping by Michelle. I know it is tempting but hope you’l join me in keeping our hands off those doorknobs! – Delores


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