Miracles Happen and Here is Proof!

On sale date is September 13th!  #CSSMiraclesandtheunexplainable

Im excited my two stories, (# 46 and #86) are part of these 101 true stories of unexplainable happenings that will lift your spirit and bring hope.

I’ve had many experiences like these, and multiple friends have shared stories of God’s intervention in their lives. Have you had circumstances happen that answered a prayer, a need, or gave resolution in such a way or timing that it was unexplainable?

I am very excited to have another Chicken Soup book on my shelf with an example of God working in my life. It gives me great hope to remember what God has done in the past and hope for the future.

Great gift —- You can preorder this book now https://bit.ly/3cxxYe4

One Comment on “Miracles Happen and Here is Proof!

  1. Delores,

    Miracles and the Unexplainable is a gift for all generations. Thank you for sharing the release date with us. pac


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