A Caregiving Journey

I was honored to be interviewed by Heart for the radio.

Caregiving – every woman will be affected somehow. You either have been a caregiver, will be a caregiver or will be the recipient of caregiving. It is a startling thought. Caregiving impacts the entire family and this interview is my story of how God called me to be caregiver for a mostly uncaring mother.

Listen here and then check out my tips below. I’ve been encouraged to write a book on my experience. I’d appreciate prayers as I attempt to complete it this year.


Have prayer backup

Honoring someone who seems to be dishonorable

Let God turn the “job” into a mission

Ask God to be my defender

Look for helpers

Pray the scriptures for the situation

Set boundaries

Find something good to celebrate

Keep a sense of humor

Don’t expect immediate changes (though there may be some)

Treating the person as God created them to be

Don’t expect rational responses

Choose to be unoffendable / don’t take the battle personally

Schedule prayer and downtime after each visit

2 Comments on “A Caregiving Journey

  1. The radio broadcast was great. I think a book would be great also. You have such good insight.


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