Activating Faith – An Optional Accessory?

Activating Faith is not an optional accessory to our Christian walk – it is an expected outcome.


Titus clearly outlined what godly living should look like


The basis is that God’s grace changes the church so the church can be a living example of that grace. We (not various buildings) are God’s church.


My applications from Titus are:


Tell /Show

Titus 2:1 – Tell/speak/show/demonstrate to believers to live the kind of life that is fitting [clearly seen as] sound instruction and builds trust and respect for our faith.


Example: displaying through words and actions such profound love and respect that others recognize it as other-worldly and long for it in their own lives



Men: temperate, dignified, sensible, sound (steadfast) in faith, love and perseverance

Women: sensible, pure/reverent behavior focused on family first, respectful of husband, kind, not dishonoring God’s Word in anything


Building up and loving one another through all circumstances by depending on God’s Word as a firm foundation for our decisions and actions. Live an example that will show younger couples and children what godly love looks like.


Respect Employers and Legal Authorities


Do not steal material goods or time from employer. Respect the office even if you cannot respect the person. Look for good things to do and be prepared to be the one who leads doing peaceful and good actions without maligning others. Remember that all have personal pain and gently show consideration for the lives God intended them to have in Christ.


Avoid Controversies and Aimless Disputes

Focus on (memorize and study) God’s truth so you can speak calmly and confidently to encourage others not to submit their emotions to those with ungodly goals.


Be Fruitful

Dormant faith cannot bear fruit. We must learn to prepare to meet others’ needs and to sow/plant/anticipate God to work through us what is good and profitable for all.


In summary our actions should be an affirmation of our words.

Our words should be a confirmation of our actions.

Both our actions and our words should clearly proclaim our faith.


Faith that is activated through telling and showing is a natural and expected response to the rescue we have experienced through Christ.



Take a look through Titus 2 and 3, putting your name in place of the words you, us and we – and let me know what you find!  What does Activating Faith look like in your life?

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