Hunny Bunnies – featuring Marvelous Marvel

Women of Faith escapade

Date: September, 2011

Original Goal: Attend a Women of Faith event together

Original Setting:  A nearby hotel

Supercharge Instigator:  Marvel

Here’s how it went: A belated birthday gathering (Marvel and Marlene both early September) met at my home in Racine. I’d obtained tickets to a Woman of Faith event with fun surprise stops on the way for whatever food or fun intrigued the birthday girls.  It was lots of silly fun, but none of us knew what Marvel would do (I think she even surprised herself!)  Our first surprise was the location.  Apparently many of the hotels near the event were filled or just not ‘exciting’ enough for Marvel.  The picture above gives a peek into our shared surprise which turned out to be more reasonable than the hotel would have been – especially considering the luxurious setting and treatment in a . . .







Yes, a bed and breakfast – catered to our desires and health needs, plus

a hot tea/coffee as desired wake up call or snack served in our porch




Of course, Marvel also arranged for a tour of the historical building. The couple who ran the B&B were witty, charming, knowledgeable and so friendly we felt we were leaving long-lost relatives when we headed to the Women of Faith event the next morning.  We thought if we got bored or tired we could head back to our classy temporary residence a little early.  I’d been to a Women of Faith event in the past and thought I knew what to expect (get in line, wait a while, longingly eye the artists’ tables on the way in, enjoy the concert, shop on break, enjoy more music and testimony and head on home). However, I’d let slip my mind that Miss Marvel was traveling with us.

Consequently while waiting for the doors to open we paid no attention to the fact that neither of us had seen Marvel for a few minutes, until the door opened and she called from inside (INSIDE?  how had she gotten INSIDE?) come quick and say yes.  Adventurous and on a lark, we obeyed and shouted YES!  She reached around the door and grabbed one arm and instructed us to hang on and stay with her. And we ran to a spot where a group was gathered and receiving instructions of ‘where to go.’  “I got us free tickets,” she whispered, and possibly some perks if we work before and during breaks. Marlene and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Okay – here we go.  The before ‘work’ was distributing packets of material in every seat for the 8,000+ attendees.  We then were introduced to our assignments.  Marlene and I for Liberty University, and Marvel selling/marketing at one of the huge settings for author books, CDs, tshirts and so on.

  The two “more mature” hunny bunnies had fun with the youthful staff at Liberty (who actually gave us hope for our country’s future) and received cards for a free future Women of Faith event.

Meanwhile baby-bunny Marvel endeared herself to the managers of the event’s sales, racking up more sales than any other section at the event.  She did bring us the potential perks she hinted at (her motivation she said).

The only part of my expectations that were fulfilled was enjoying the concerts and speakers which were outstanding.  The rest – being on a first name basis with some well known people,  (at least for two days), hauling off all kinds of goodies, exchanging addresses and photos with new friends from across the country., and having stories in abundance to share when we got ‘home’ to the mansion (ha ha doesn’t that sound pretentious) was like whipped cream on the hot chocolate.

Yep, there was a cozy place to enjoy that too as we told our tales

and a place to relax and work on a puzzle.

What a wonderful honey-bunny trip that was – full of adventure and surprises.

Marlene and I agree you could say it was MARVEL-ous!



You too can have adventure (and even high tea) – but you might want to check if it’s the week we are attending – you might get more than you planned on!  Click here for-   Schuster Mansion Info


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