Walk with me in Israel!

Old and new. It began at the airport in New York just before we left for TelAviv.  We were invited to join a Purim celebration!

We were given noisemakers.  We watched the reading of the whole Megillia – the entire book of Esther – in Hebrew –  about 15 minutes (!) and participated with groans and noise every time Haman’s name was read.  Whew.

Little gift bags were shared that contained Haman’s hat cookies and candy.  We were instructed to share them with others, so everyone exchanged.  That’s when I noticed.

We eager foreigners, were, of course, taking pictures with our phones and cameras, but I had not expected the Rabbi’s standing nearby to pull theirs out too!  It just seemed incongruous for these gentlemen in ancient regalia to have a modern iPhone in use 🙂

That rather set the tone for the entire trip.  Day One was mainly arrival but also some introductory scenes – the airport, the bus ride to the hotel, Tel-Aviv (not a tourist town), the little grocery store, the lego-like construction going on everywhere, people in costume for Purim and the Mediterranean Sea.






Not sure what was with the death warning – probably a high voltage pole. I felt safer here than in Milwaukee or Chicago.  Walking on the beach at sunset again we saw old and new – always and constantly new construction going on – sometimes the new on top of the old, or seeing the old view through plexiglass on floors.

First meal in Israel – plate was my selections from about 20 choices set up buffet style.






Notice the Schindler elevator


And the journey began – Lessons on the bus on the way to new adventures – tomorrow Caesarea and many other stops – usually 7-8 a day.

We traveled with Cliff Graham and the Good Battles Tour group. Itai and Marla were our Hebrew guides.

For more info:  http://www.facebook.com/cliffgrahamauthor

The trip’s Instagram account is http://www.instagram.com/israelbattletours

Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/cliffgraham

In any of those services, you can also click on the hashtag #goodbattletours and see where travelers are going to be tagging their posts.

It was amazing to stand in these places, to realize I was where all civilization began and in places (here or near as they say) where Jesus, apostles, warriors, and ancestors were. It was remarkable to hear scriptures read at varied sites and to view what was being spoken.

Old and new – Ancient Words.

Still true and still changing me and bringing new life and hope.

2 Comments on “Walk with me in Israel!

  1. What a privilege! Thanks for sharing.

    On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 11:11 PM, Delores Liesner – Look what God has done! wrote:

    > Delores Liesner posted: “Old and new. It began at the airport in New York > just before we left for TelAviv. We were invited to join a > Purim celebration! We were given noisemakers. We watched the reading of > the whole Megillia – the entire book of Esther – in Hebrew – abou” >


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