One Proposal for An Improved Marriage – by Lori Lipsky

Ken and I generally have vastly different reading tastes, but we do enjoy reading commentaries together!  Our current read is Romans by Montgomery Boice –

I found Lori Lipsky’s marital reading journey interesting. I think you will enjoy it too!


September Word Girl Blog 2 – Lori Lipsky


For the first time in our marriage, we decided to read a book at the same time so we could discuss it together. Credit for the idea goes to my husband, but I was excited about the plan and in total agreement with our book choice.


My husband had once asked a well-read acquaintance we both respect to reccommend several books that had been most influential in his life. One of the authors this man mentioned was Dostoevsky. We decided to choose Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. I’m a bit ashamed to admit what happened next.


I could make excuses, but the quick truth is my husband read the book right away and then patiently waited for years for me to complete it. I started in several times but got bogged down in the early pages by the long Russian names. Prior to this I had read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and some Chekhov stories so I’m not sure why I struggled. I guess I allowed myself to be distracted by life and by other books, and I put off the Dostoevsky. As I look back, I regret not making The Brothers Karamazov more of a priority. I eventually purchased an audio copy of the book and completed the novel.


After I finished listening to the book, we shared our impressions with one another. Remarkably, my husband remembered details of the book quite well. Since then, we’ve read or listened to dozens of books and discussed them. We have different tastes, but our interests intersect with authors like David McCullough, Louise Penny, and David Baldacci. When it’s time to order another Audible book, we’ll sometimes collaborate to choose a selection we agree on so we can both listen on our own, but then have the book in our shared reading history.


Our book talk is informal and brief, but it’s a treat to talk books with my husband. We’ve found discussing books often sparks interesting conversation. Good books teach me more about who I am, but each new book we share helps me learn more about my spouse, too. We’re learning together as a couple. We discuss dreams and ideas. Books get us talking, and in marriage, communication is a good thing.


About the Author:

Lori Lipsky is a writer and teacher. Her poetry and short fiction pieces have appeared in a variety of literary journals and magazines. She lives in Waunakee, Wisconsin with her husband, where she teaches piano at a private music school. You can find her at and on Twitter @LoriSLipsky



6 Comments on “One Proposal for An Improved Marriage – by Lori Lipsky

  1. Great idea! Thanks. Still trying to find where my husband the “only-the-facts, ma’am” type of reader and I (cozy mystery! romantic suspense! Please!) intersect on reading choices. But we’ll persevere!

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    • I see you like Agatha Christie – Poirot is one of my hubby’s favorites – that would be an interesting co-read – or perhaps any Who moved the Stone, or any of Strobel’s Case for books might feed both your reading styles. Or he picks the first book, you the second, etc. Let me know what you two decide 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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    • You two will figure it out. In the mean time, (I remember you saying) you have a husband who reads the books you write, and that is nothing but awesome!


      • Lori, It was funny the first time Ken read something I wrote his response was, “You wrote this!? Wow. It’s really good – I am amazed!” Umm, Thanks, Honey 🙂


  2. A four-volume set, no less! That’s quite a commitment! Romans is a wonderful book to read and study together! Thank you for sharing my article, Delores!


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