How To Personally Apply Scripture

AnnetteLook what I found!  Ken’s update of a wonderful tool our friends the Hegle’s shared year’s ago in our early days with the Navigators.  We still use this method today.

Knowing something is great and can draw me closer to God, but living out that knowledge can change my life, and sometimes others’ lives too.

The most valuable personal result of consistent Bible study is when others are seeing our lives enriched and changed through personal application of what we learn.

Here’s a sample of steps and an example of creating a specific plan from a single verse. When we ask God’s help to put this plan into practice we can be confident that God will be changing our lives and the lives of those we encounter.

1. Verse

Record the reference of the verse or passage which has impressed upon you about any need in your Christian life.

OS120582. Truth

Briefly state the truth of the verse or passage which has impressed you.

3. Need

State how you feel about the verse or passage and indicate how it relates to you. Does it show some spiritual need or lack in your life. Will a change in your life make you more pleas- ing to God.

4. My Intentions

State specifically what you intend to do toward having your life changed in this area of need. Keep the action simple. It should be a step toward improving your life in this area.

5. Checkup

State how you will make sure you accomplish the goal you have set. Maybe jot a note and keep it with you for a reminder until its completed. You may want to tell a friend, your husband or wife or relative what you intend to do. Have them check back with you to see how its going.

1375Approach personal application with confidence that God is conforming you to Christ’s im- age, and that He will complete what He has started. Let God use this tool in your life – Re- member this is not a self-effort project.

1. Verse – “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love, Honor one another above yourselves” ( Romans 12:10 )

2. Truth – That God wants me to show devotion and honor to my brothers in Christ.

3. Need – I find I often take my closer relationships with other Christians for granted, not really thinking about way to honor them and be devoted to them. Dan is one person I particularly want to honor more.

83074. My Intentions – I will spend Saturday helping Dan to finish painting his house, and while we talk I will make a point of specifically complimenting him about two things I respect about him.

5. Checkup – I will place a check here Saturday night after I have done this.

You’ve got the tools – ready, set, GO!

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