Wrote a Book – Now What?

So your book is published – now what?

Celebrate!  It is exciting to get that box of author copies

(even though you pay for them for marketing purposes)

Take a deep breath because

It’s time to get “on the road” – spreading the word


Make announcements on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Guest Blogs, Local News Media, etc.


Then. . .



Mail author copies to newspapers, libraries, magazines, columnists, TV programs, bookstore managers, book clubs, and prayer supporters.  Buy some additional books for speaking opportunities – especially to groups that might not have internet connection, or want the book immediately.

Mail postcard invitations to events or announcing book publication

Maintain records of all expenses and income. Many reinvest income as needed for travel and providing books as required for various venues

Book opportunities to speak about book, writing, and to sign books

Create and/or order giveaway items for events such as Festivals (Alpena, MI book fest)

NLightsStock and advertise books at local bookstores and art shops – books available in Racine at

Northern Lights Art Gallery – 423 Main Street (under the dark green awning)

by Local Author display (south section – to right after entering store)


Interviews – (WRJN Racine, online radio, TV – Guest Blogs like Elaine Stock link 

Local and state newspapers – Racine Journal Times – Local author listing coming soon.

Request influencers to read the book and talk it up.

Next Event: Book Signing – Racine

Arise Bookstore – November 7th 2-5 p.m. – Washington Ave.

— Books are already in stock at Arise

What do readers or influencers do?

Influencers who read the book and like it, usually let others know in many ways

  • Share recommendations and reviews on Amazon, CBD, Goodreads, B&N, etc.
  • Talk it up in your favorite social networking sites. Tweet – Facebook, etc.
  • If you have a blog, interview author or talk about the book there.
  • Call bookstores and request they stock the book
  • Tell friends about it.

There’s a lot of background work after writing and publishing a book, but emails like this one (from Alpena book festival) make it all worthwhile:

Thank you for writing  Be The Miracle!!!!  It was sooo goood!!!   I loved reading your experiences. I really want that same opportunity of helping others as you, and I plan to do the homework you have at the end of the chapters.”

I pray others will catch the flame and Be the Miracle for others too!


Amazon Author Page

2 Comments on “Wrote a Book – Now What?

    • Ha ha Peg. Yes, it all sounds so simple – kind of like build it and they will come.
      Rather how I felt doing the book proposal which was not fun at all, but the writing and post-publication encouragement makes up for all the work. Thanks for stopping by. D


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