I am on a sister-trip and we have unanimously named this trip DETOUR.1-carflood

Many plans to get to the trip were detoured. Finances of course are always full of surprises.  The lost keys detoured clever plans to keep 2 keys for the trip as we change drivers.  On the way to pick up sister 3 we were half way down the last road when we saw the barricades. Road closed. Why don’t they tell you this when you turn on the road?

Then there were the storms. On the way to Indianapolis we had a storm delay in Burlington, WI. We finally got a late lunch and thought we would see how far we could get when one sister spotted another huge dark cloud moving toward us. We quickly turned off the freeway and headed for a motel. We barely got the car under the portico when the cloud opened and winds picked up to 50 mph. Glad to be inside, we had to also detour the healthy diet and order pizza.

On the road the next morning we were warned a bridge was out where we were headed but “you’ll probably be ok, unless you want to take exit 10 or 14 and go around it”.  Yeah, sure. We took the suggested exit and about 20 minutes later came to more blockades -road closed, and the detour had a detour!  Another hour out of our way but we finally made it to destination 3 hours late.There were more detours, of course – several of them happy ones like the nephew who saw our moose picture – taken outside a restaurant we would not have visited but for the detour that preceded it. We were glad to be able to see him!  birdexercise

Is your life filled with detours too?   We think it is pretty hard to avoid those unexpected events – and we seem to be three times as likely to find them when traveling together.  And what can we do about them?  Not much besides look around us and see what we would have missed but for the barricades, the recalculating GPS, the storms that forced us to seek shelter.  What would have we missed if the barricades had not been there?  Rough roads, potential danger, and a blessing we treasure. Just like the storms forced us to curtail our plans and seek shelter, so do those other storms of life stop us in our tracks and eagerly seek shelter and directions with The Lord!

We are currently analyzing another detour in our plans. How about you?  Recalculating? Seeking shelter?  Needing direction?  Psalm 119:105 says God will shed a light on our path step by step – detour by bumpy detour. TombCalvary

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