Some of the Important People in My Life

Whether we realize it our not, there are important people in our lives. Some have likened1-MarlNmesistersthe people journey to a canvas – some people make such an impact in our lives, that they become part of the permanent background.  My sisters are like that – always there, always marvel0001ready to give a hand even before you ask, crying with 3sistersvint091you, rejoicing with you, giving of themselves totally before thinking of their own needs.


Onto the background is painted various focal points – friends, spouses, children and special relatives and teachers are some who make that impact – you cannot look at the picture of my life without seeing them, or some permanent effect they have had on my development into who I am.  Aunt Angie is one of my focal points. angietonymalone099

When I explained to Auntie not long ago the story and reasons behind my frequent visits to her arms, and the cumulative years spent in the playhouse in their backyard, she cried. She wished she had known.  But it would not have made any difference if she had known – she showed complete love, acceptance and understanding – she was herself, which was all she need to be, and all I needed at the time.IMG_4880




Of course my family have been great focal points in my life, and I’ve prayed that God would permanently ‘stain’ their lives from their presence in our family canvas. (Hopefully in good ways and with the ability to wash off any undesirable smudges). PenzafamSMKevkris



img717 3










In addition to the focal points are the bright bits of color that attract us to any painting. I’ve had many friendship ‘bouquets’ across my canvas and though some live far from me, the fragrance of their giving hearts has also brought light to my countenance and changed my heart so that just the thought of them brings my focus back to the God of Hope.

O1-maryne of these examples is Mary.  She has been my friend for decades. Her family lived with us for awhile and that experience made their children like mine, and she has loved my children like hers. We have each lost a daughter – forever friends now in heaven together. Going through hard times together mixes the paints into new colors.


Yep, there are shadows in the picture too – but did you notice how shadows enhance and highlight the depth of the brighter portions?  I know when I’ve walked away from the Son, the dark shadows mingled with my own and it was hard to believe there was any light left in the world – but the shadows caused me to chill, and to run to the light and warmth of those who taught me how to walk in the light.

Did any of these descriptions remind you of people in your life?  They should – and perhaps they will do for you what they did for me – cause me to send up prayers for the shadows on my canvas – as well as for the bright spatters of hope and life, giving thanks today, for all of those God-sent people that make the son-light spread across my life’s canvas.

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