After Losing a Child – Behold!

Does God speak to you through His scriptures?  Perhaps you can relate to my experience.

Today I read Is. 43:19

“Behold, I will do something new,

Frankincense for Cancer
Frankincense for Cancer


Now it will spring forth;

Will you not be aware of it?

I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,

Rivers in the desert.







Have you seen the spring? It is flowing in abundance.


Did you find the road yet? Have you even been looking? 1-RPEbook 1


Thirsty? Are your lips dry, your throat parched? Think you are alone in the desert?


Be encouraged, look outside yourself to see there are rivers in your desert. And there is a roadway in the midst of your sadness and mourning… and I AM there!

When I read that first word again –


It brought to mind our 4 year old “reading” the story of Christ’s birth in Luke 2:10 – Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news


Laurie memorized that entire chapter of Luke 2 at age 4. She asked to learn it, and I merely showed her the page in her New Testament, saying “This is Luke,” and I would read the chapter. She had a vision that she could learn it and would recite it for the church 1-Laurcher3n1Christmas program.


The night of the program I handed her the little testament closed. She called me to the platform: “Mom, please open to the page.” I quickly opened the book anywhere and handed it back. Chagrined she brought a little laughter to the audience, handing the testament back – “Mom that’s the wrong page. It is not Luke 2.” She apparently recognized those words and they helped her fulfill her vision to recite the portion for our congregation.


She had the BEHOLD! vision:

Behold originates from the Hebrew word chazah, khaw-zaw´; a primitive root; to gaze at; mentally, to perceive, contemplate (with pleasure); specifically, to have a vision of:—behold


Twelve Hundred Eighty One times that word – behold – appears in my Bible. Bible study

Can you imagine God trying to get through to Delores –


Behold! Contemplate what I am telling you – perceive it (grasp, understand, appreciate) what comes after this word.


Today, He said it again.


Delores – Behold!


Contemplate what I am telling you


I am (the great I AM)


Is going to create– (from pagge÷llw epaggello, ep-ang-el´-lo – a promise)


something (abedah, ab-ay-daw´, something so broken it seems lost) bridgeout


New – to rebuild (chadash, khaw-dash´; a primitive root; to be new; causatively, to rebuild:—renew, repair.)



It will come like a spring (natural, upward flowing, life-giving)


Will you not be aware of it?


Will you envision it, watch for it, anticipate it with pleasure?


I will even (from }owth, oth – surprisingly, unexpectedly like a signal, an evidence, a miracle)


Make (literally – cause) a roadway (from derek – a safe way)


In (while I am there – with you!)   Christian Fish


the wilderness (desert of the fugitive – the wilderness (desolate place) of wandering)


Rivers – (from Aram Naharayim – the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris – Eden!) Eden – ednah, ed-naw – delight self – to live voluptouly!


In (do you get it Delores – Eden IN your desolate place)


the desert. (from owbiyl, o-beel´ — a place of mourning)


My message today:


Delores – Look around you!

Contemplate with pleasure what I am telling you. I AM with you in your desert.  I AM is promising, in the near future, to complete, fulfill, rebuild, and restore what has been drained from you. It will come like a natural spring, flowing from the source – will you even notice it if you aren’t watching?


While you are in this funk of feeling desolate, lost and sad, I will surprise you with refreshment of restored delight, enabling you live voluptuously – full of delight to your Footprnts insandsenses and expectantly, as you step onto the path I reveal to you.

It’s ok if you are finding it hard to take that first step. Just tell me you want to, and I will carry you, until you can walk.

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