Freedom! My 4th of July – Second Birthday Story

My Freedom Story (and history behind my second birthday – July 4th) is in Book Fun IMG_2700 Magazine – Page 81..- this month! It is up now.


2 Comments on “Freedom! My 4th of July – Second Birthday Story

  1. Can’t begin to tell you how humbled I am to realize who’s been so gracious and kind to me these past months! Your story is awesome. Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I’m so grateful for the happy ending. The happiest of second birthday to you!


    • Mary you are so sweet. I just got back from the festivities (so nice of the city to put on a parade and fireworks in my honor 🙂 ha ha. I got a second birthday card! The longer I live the more I discover that though details may differ, my story is more common than I had imagined, and I pray someone will see that years of prayer DO get answered. D


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