What is Be The Miracle?

Be the Miracle!Coming in 2015 – what does that mean?

Is God still doing miracles today? Of course He is. One well-known and prolific writer told grammasbadgewhme if that he has been teaching that and telling people that for the past 40 years!


The stories in Be The Miracle (my 31-day devotional) aim to help readers recognize some of the miracles happening all around them.


Some believers are quick to discount modern miracles, but if you ask them if they have ever had a feeling that God wanted them to do something that met a specific need in someone’s life, or answered a specific prayer request, they will answer in the affirmative. They recognize the events, but not the pattern. It is in recognizing the pattern that we learn to obey and can readily be used by God.


During Purim it is hard natural to think of Queen Esther and how God performed a miracle through her that is still making a difference generations later. What I hope the readers of Be The Miracle to understand is, God is ready to perform a miracle through them today if they will listen and obey him. Don’t we all want to make a difference!


-Bruce Wilkinson, in his book, You Were Born for This, said, “God is so intent on meeting

Guidepost Anthology
Guidepost Anthology

people’s deepest needs that He is always looking for volunteers who will become living links between Heaven and earth.


Our walk with God started with a particular miracle story – featured recently on Elaine Stock’s blog called Everyone’s Story – she asks, “What’s up with cows and miracles?  http://elainestock.blogspot.com/2015/02/delores-liesner-why-we-need-to-be.html


Yes, God used a cow to begin our journey! What did God use to get your attention that He could and would do some amazing things in and with your life?


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