Recycling my Trophies

My tolerance has ended. Over recent years, I’ve helped a couple of relatives clean out their clutter, always coming home mentally energized to declutter, but too physically exhausted to do it.closet1


No more of that.


This week I twice had something on that I did not want to be seen in. I changed from it when I had to run out of the house. So if it is not good enough for friends or strangers, why is it I don’t want to look my best for the ones who love me the most? Yet every day I rummage through the shelves, and usually pick the same clothing anyway.


Enough of that.  closetThink it’s time?


Today I bought some large zippered plastic containers, and bags. Here is the plan for tomorrow:


  • Sort the closet into sections –
  • Dress outfits – 7 dress or skirt & top outfits and 7 dress pant & top outfits and 7 sweaters
  • Casual clothing – 7 capris, 7 slacks, 7 skirts or dresses (if I have that many) and 7 casual tops
  • 7 coats summer (including sweatshirts) and 7 coats winter (if I have that many)
  • Shoes – believe it or not – out of probably over 70 pair – 7 dress shoes, 7 dress casual, 7 activity shoes (hiking, exercising, walking) and 7 pairs of sandals.
  • The rest? Into the bags for distribution.


What brought all this on? Two things. One was all the scripture and parables I’ve read lately about not storing things up – that things (and time) are given in abundance so we can be good stewards and share with others in need (including not wasting so much of my time on stuff). Also as I was analyzing why my relatives kept so much, and so many odd things. I noticed three types of things


  1. Useful things, but crazy amounts of duplicates (abundances like my shoes) that no one person Shoestogocould ever really utilize or had space for
  2. Empty or almost empty things no longer used – perhaps good at one time, but no longer worked for them, but kept because they were free or I (or someone else) paid “good money” for them – you know – like the 58 containers of hair products under my bathroom sink – see the pattern?)
  3. Sentimental gifts or trophies. Some things never used, some no longer needed, did not fit the décor, some taking huge amounts of space. Yes, I recognized these around my home too. Trophies of someone’s affection, of a long and arduous battle to win/buy/negotiate the object (which I no longer use but keep as a trophy of the battle), or a trinket representing happy times or happy places that only collects dust


I am preparing them all for recycling. Seven to keep seems a good place to start. Others will go to a relative or friend who NEEDS them, or to bless someone else via the resale shop.


After the clothes, the plan is to scour a room at a time for other redundant objects taking up space and time to maintain or move around. Those kept will be 1-2 of a kind or 1 set. By the time I finish all the rooms, the basement and garage, I should be ready to hit the closet a second time.


Will you join me?

What are your trophies?

What do you have that you do not use or need that could bless someone else but won’t if you keep it hidden away?



Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”


1Tim. 6:18 Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share,

4 Comments on “Recycling my Trophies

  1. Delores, doing the same thing here. After reading and studying Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory’s book The Cure for the Perfect Life (I was part of their launch team) and cleaning out the last boxes of my parents from the garage drastic measures are being taken to rid myself of unnecessary items. It’s hard but I am even giving up Bible studies that I have done that are taking up space and I doubt I will ever go back and use them as references. Too much! Bravo to you!

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    • Dottie, Thank you! It’s always great to know I’m not alone 🙂 I am done with my shoes and am finishing tops today. Next are the pants and the jackets. Resale shops and rummage sales (and thoughtful kids and friends shopping them for me) have resulted in far too many blessings to keep to myself. I’m particularly glad to think my closet clutter confession has inspired you to share your abundance!


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