Passover and the Reversal of Destiny

Celebrate the Victory

Because of sin, we all will face death, revealing our destiny-choices before God. We need to prepare for our remaining days as seriously as Esther, and celebrate our LambsB&Wfreedom and victories as heartily as all of Xerxes Jewish kingdom.

No witness is more effective than an undeniable observation that God is with us, and has worked wonders in our behalf. (Beth Moore). If you are Jewish and are reading this, know that YOU are a witness that God is, and that He is a covenant God, who keeps His promises. The story of Esther, and the fact that you are here, now, is a great evidence of God’s continued love for His chosen people.


The witness of God in the book of Esther, is that every negative in the beginning of Esther are reversed.   In Esther 4:3, after Haman’s edict the Jews are mourning, fasting, weeping, and wailing, but in Esther 8:16, it was a time of light, gladness, joy, and honor.


Four reversals of destiny of of the book of Esther:

Reversal of destiny 1. Haman’s prideful desire to be ‘above the Jews’ was fulfilled in an ironic reversal of his every dream and plan. Haman’s plan to hang Mordecai on a tall gallows reversed when Haman was displayed there 75 feet ‘above’ the people he intended to destroy.


Reversal of destiny 2. Mordecai, an unknown Jew with a place of honor at the king’s gate refused to bow to Haman and appeared to have an approaching destiny reversal when Haman convinced the drunken king to sign a law that would obliterate all Jews. Who would have thought that the roles would reverse and Mordecai would become the King’s second in command!


Reversal of destiny 3. King Xerxes, ruling with drunken tyranny and fear, appears very capable of disposing of another queen when Esther contradicts the law and approaches his scepter. After Esther reveals the plot and her true identity, however, he asks her what else she would like done!


Reversal of destiny 4. Esther – The orphaned Jewish girl who became Queen of Susa went from the Queen’s feast to fasting, where she found the wisdom and direction for her destiny reversal. From a Jew in hiding to Queen Esther, writing with ‘full authority.”


A famous Christian who hid and protected many Jews during the time of the Holocaust, Corrie Ten Boom, once said, “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”


That, my friend, is what Esther did. What Mordecai did. And what fasting and the resulting Purim – and Passover are all about. It was no accident that God allowed the intended slaughter to be scheduled near the Pass-over. I break up the word Passover that way because while Esther’s story is a call to Purim (celebrating, feasting and rejoicing) the destiny reversal theme of Esther is even more about the Passover, remembering our deliverance and preparing to commemorate it with purity. (The blood of the Lamb)


The symbolism of the Passover would us today that God is Elohim – The Almighty covenant keeper with His people. I can almost hear the whispers – if He saved Moses  and all our firstborn, will he not continue to keep His covenant and protect His people…if God is for us – who can be against us…

May we cast aside any foolish pride like Haman that would blind us to God’s truth. May we, unlike Xerxes, depend on God’s wisdom instead of our own and not allow our faculties to be dimmed from making the right decisions. May we all be like Mordecai, unafraid to identify the enemy at personal risk and to ring out the call to arms. May we all, like Esther, face that we can do nothing in our own strength, and bow before God in prayer and fasting, before we move ahead trusting Him for direction and resolution.


God is still in the business of destiny reversing. May we trust Him to provide the only protection

that will cause the enemy’s planned disaster to pass over us. May we trust our destiny to Jesus – Messiah – King of Kings. passoverclipart


Passover begins today – If you are not Jewish and wonder what that has to do with you, check out these websites


Why you should celebrate a Messianic Passover as part of your Christian experience

3 Comments on “Passover and the Reversal of Destiny

  1. Just Awesomely Beautiful.
    A great reminder to be joyous and celebrate our lives staying
    in God s Glory. It is exciting to realize and remember I am the Lamp-stand, and He is the Light to trust. Thank You for such a beautifully written journal of knowledge and wisdom.Blessings, L


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