Did You Know You Were Invited?

Queen Esther has invited you to her party!  Are you coming?Bibleheart

When you think of the book of Esther you likely think of one of the most famous quotes – when Mordecai tells Esther that she might have been chosen ‘for such a time as this.’    These 10 teachings and examples from Esther’s story explain why I believe my invitation is still active and my remembrance of Purim important for such a time as this.

The invitation is­ in Esther 9:27:  “the Jews established and made a custom for themselves,

and for their descendants,

and for all those who allied themselves with them.”

That celebration is Purim.  If you support Israel and ally yourself with them – this is an invitation for YOU to join in this perpetual act of obedience and celebration.

You are invited to celebrate Purim . . . and Passover!

Purim 2014 is March 15 and 16

and Passover is on April 14.

StarinSevillaCome with me and prepare for this Joyous time of celebration that God commanded:

Esther 9:28 So these days were to be remembered and celebrated throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and these days of Purim were not to fail from among the Jews, or their memory fade from their descendants.

To prepare, we need to review the story – the book of Esther.  When I studied it three times one year, 10 teachings stood out.  This is the first:

We don’t need to see God to know He is there.

God is never directly spoken of, or referred to, in the entire book of Esther.  Yet, one major way that God is seen is very simple and obvious – through Mordecai and Esther’s existence (along with over a million Jewish people at that time according to expert estimates).

Every time we meet a Jewish person we can thank God for the reminder that when God makes a covenant it is eternal and unbreakable. It is truly amazing that the people of that nation still exist.  They are a living proof and example of God’s presence and faithfulness to His covenant promises that His chosen people would always survive.

IMG_0309How can we apply that example to our lives?  We can look at our own history and see what God has done.  Journaling the blessings, escapes, guidance, covenant and deliverance we’ve experienced is a great tool to route whispers from the enemy asking where is your God…with the answer: He is right here.  He has been all the time.


How does this story relate to us in “such a time as this?”


As He was with Esther, He is and will be with us.

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