All the Veterans of my life…

IMG_2695Veteran: a person of long experience usually in some occupation or skill such as the armed forces

To ALL the veterans of my life: Thank You!

Many of the veterans who affected my life are in heaven.

Soldiers, pilgrims, founders, sailors, writers, preachers, poets, artists, teachers and yes, lots of “ordinary” people, from many ethnic backgrounds. Proudly, some are from generations of my own family heritage, but there are many more who were strangers.

These who have gone before have preserved freedom, protected me, fought for me, and prepared the way

…for me.

The unknown soldier fought for unknown citizens – those who were living when they fought and died, and those yet to come,



The preachers, chaplains, pilgrims, missionaries and teachers of generations past who purely declared the Word of God, helped to IMG_3644bring those to Christ who would tell others, and pass on the message through generations that I might be among those who hear the Word, and thankfully, hear there was refuge in the arms of Christ…

For Me.

Writers like Corrie Ten Boom,  David Brainerd, John Bunyan, Watchman Nee, Gracia Burnham, and many, many others, experienced torments, griefs unimaginable, and persecution so that I could learn from their battles and victories.  I’m so thankful they preserved  those words

For Me.

And all the soldiers, and other veterans – “ordinary” people who are not so ordinary after all…  Those in generations past who prayed for me, and passed on the burden and privilege to pray for those yet to come.  Those, like Loreen, the tried-and-true veterans in following Christ (Romans 16:10) who lived the life of Christ before me and drew me closer to the DSCF0723cross.  Those who sheltered me, comforted me, shielded me, and the myriad veterans of life like Ken and Sheree McP, Bob H, Carson K, Niki McE, Laura O, David O, Jeff I, and so many more who continue to sacrifice for me, and those who are teaching me, and showing me hospitality, acceptance, friendship and grace…

I thank you all for being

Veterans of my life

and  for all you have done and are doing for me!

Phil. 1:3-4  I thank my God in all my remembrance of you,

always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all

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