Who I am In Christ #24 – Un-dead!

I met an un-dead guy named Ron Benson at Class Christian Writer’s Conference in New Mexico the fall of 2010.  A big teddy-bear with a heart of gold, Ron carried the friendships he made beyond the conference by leading a Live Like Lazarus experiment online.  I joined 70 others last year, and learned to view Easter and the season following it, in a new life-affirming way.


The 2012 Lazarus Experiment (258 un-dead members!) is winding down, though our new life changes have just begun.  What is all this un-dead talk?

The Experiment is described this way: We’re living as if we just came back from the dead. For forty days, starting on Easter Sunday, we’ll do one thing each day that reflects new life because of Jesus by focusing on topics like Living Joyfully and Expressing Gratitude and Joy (making a bucket list to thank) and now our final 10 days to do “outrageous redemptive activity”.


The open hearts, trials, victories and personal challenges shared over these past 30 days have been life changing.  Practicing the presence of Christ and practicing living our new life in Christ – as though we were Lazarus and raised from the dead – has been a wild ride. Some days our busy lives challenges us to keep our focus, but most days we encourage each other, and every day we wake up knowing we are a loved and valued part of a unique little community.


This is what the Christian life was meant to be… Col. 2:13 When you were stuck in your old sin-dead life, you were incapable of responding to God. God brought you alive—right along with Christ! Think of it! All sins forgiven.

What joy to shout it out – to live it out – with the freedom of a little child.  To love because you are loved.  To show love for the sheer pleasure it gives others, and to surprise with thanks the many who touch our lives and think they are forgotten.

There are so many people in my life I barely see in the rush of many daily activities.  How would the world change if each of them were to be given the gift of undivided attention (no cell phone while I am talking to them), or an unexpected act of kindness.

I was dead.  Christ has made me alive.  I AM excited about it!


How would you feel if you were Lazarus come to life?


Laz’s story can be found in Luke 16, John 11 and John 12.

One Comment on “Who I am In Christ #24 – Un-dead!

  1. The last 40 days have been a life affirming experience for me. It is amazing how much life goes on in 40 days. Ron is one of the nicest Jesus like people I have never met. The wonders and miracles of social networking. Thank you for your words Delores, they bring light, life and hope in a world that so desperately needs love.


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